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Total Hand Rejuvenation: Take 10 years off your hands in 1 Hour! $1,999

Total Eye Refresh: A complete refresher to improve dark circles and crepey skin under the eye $2,199

Melasma Solution: A comprehensive strategy to treat melasma and keep it at bay $1,999

Belly Buster: Target pudge with the only FDA approved treatment to permanently eliminate unwanted fat using cryoliposis with no downtime $5,999

Hello, Hair: Remove impurities from the scalp and bathe it in nutrients and peptides to stimulate hair re-growth $2,999

Chin/Jawline: Eliminate double chin and define your jawline just in time for family photos  $3,499

Neck Refresh: Reduce Pigment/Sun damage, Improve Texture, Decrease Wrinkles & Enhanced Collagen/Elastin $2,299

Vampire Makeover: Decrease fine lines/wrinkles, combat pigment, minimize dark circles under eyes, reduce pore size $2,499

Sculptra: Avoid looking “done”. Build collagen and restore volume the most natural way with results of over 2 years $2,499

BBL HERO: Our most population energy-based treatment to turn back the clock on aging (targets reds, browns and scientifically proven to slow down aging) $1,199

Acne: A comprehensive in-office and at-home regimen to combat stubborn acne. Safe for teens! $999

Rosacea: A comprehensive treatment plan targeting inflammation, broken blood vessels, and capillaries on the face $2,999

A Year of Hydrafacials: The Best Facial You’ll Ever Get! Cleanses & exfoliates skin, clears pores and leaves the skin glowing. Add dermaplaning for an even better exfoliation and removal of peach fuzz $999

Lipo-B (MIC) Injections $299

“I’m Not Sure What I Need But I Just Look Old” $3,199

Austin Love Doctor Services:

For the Ladies: A Comprehensive solution for all your intimate concerns (dryness, laxity, incontinence, decreased sensation) $3,899

FEMIWave: Increase external sensitivitity, increase blood flow using the same soundwav technology as our popular GAINSWave $2,399

O-Shot: Hormone-free, PAINLESS procedures using your body’s own blood to rejuvenate intimate tissue $1,199

For the Gents: Best in class for the improvement of ED and treatment of Peyronie’s Disease $5,299

Priapus Shot: Hormone-free, PAINLESS procedures using your body’s own blood to combat ED and Peyronie’s; includes pump $1,499

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement: Pre-pay & Save:

Women: 4 Hormone Pellet Insertions ($425 each) $1,299

Men: 3 Hormone Pellet Insertions ($725 each) $1,699