Skin Tyte
In Leander, TX

SkinTyte in Leander, TX, uses infrared light to warm the deep layers of your skin while simultaneously cooling the outer layers. The process causes collagen to contract and the body to initiate its natural healing process, resulting in a firmer, more youthful skin appearance.

What It Treats

  • Sagging Skin

Area It Treats

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Thighs
  • Whole Body


Procedure Time:

15-30 minutes

Recovery Time:

0 to 5 Days



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SkinTyte encourages your body's healing process to kick in after the collagen in the area has been heated. This creates youthful, firm skin.

Treatment Overview


Improve Sagging Skin & Crepey Skin

Crepey skin is the result of your body’s response to lowered levels of elastin and collagen. The infrared energy used in SkinTyte deeply heats soft tissues in order to stimulate soft tissue collagen growth and collagen contraction. This translates into a gradual firming and tightening of the skin, creating more youthful, firmer skin.


Minimal Downtime

There’s no downtime when you receive a SkinTyte procedure, but you can expect some mild redness in the treated area that should resolve quickly on its own. You can go right back to your normal routine after the treatment. It is important to wear sunscreen after a treatment to protect the skin from sunburn.


Quick & Safe Procedure

On average, SkinTyte sessions last around 30 minutes. The treatment is safe, non-invasive, and requires no anesthesia. Clients say it feels like a warm massage. A cooled sapphire crystal protects the top layers of skin while allowing the deeper layers to be warmed.