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In Leander, Texas

CoolSculpting is the world’s #1 non-surgical fat reduction treatment! WrinkleFree MD Med Spa & Wellness Clinic is proud to offer CoolSculpting in Leander, Texas. CoolSculpting reduces stubborn fat safely. This innovative fat reduction treatment is the only FDA-approved procedure to use controlled cooling to safely target and reduce diet and exercise-resistant fat. Only WrinkleFree MD includes the ZWave within this procedure to increase fat-cell-reduction. Incorporating both dramatically improves clinical results and reduces post-treatment discomfort and swelling.

What It Treats

  • Unwanted Body Fat
  • Double Chin

Area It Treats

  • Chin
    Bra puff (under arms)
    Flanks/love handles
    Bra back fat
    Inner thighs
    Outer thighs
    Above knees


Procedure Time:

35-70 minutes

Recovery Time:

Minimal to None

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The only FDA-approved procedure to use controlled cooling to safely target and reduce diet and exercise-resistant fat.

Treatment Overview

CoolSculpting® + ZWave is a dual-modality system that reduces stubborn fat safely and effectively without needles, surgery, or downtime. This innovative fat reduction treatment uses cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells below the skin. The ZWave uses acoustic wave technology to break apart the frozen cells which are then filtered out by the body and permanently excreted, leaving a more sculpted you. ZWave results in a more consistent massage, and increases the efficacy of CoolSculpting®, resulting in up to 60% more fat reduction than CoolSculpting® alone.

Noninvasive Fat Reduction Treatment

During your complimentary consultation, a staff member will analyze your body and use a template to mark all areas of opportunity for fat reduction. Your treatment plan is customized to your body shape, goals, and budget. Once we begin the process, treated fat cells are crystallized (frozen) and gradually begin to die. Over a period of 3-12 weeks, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells, leaving a more sculpted you.

CoolSculpting® + ZWave is an advanced protocol that replaces the manual massage during CoolSculpting® with acoustic wave technology that can dramatically improve results of traditional CoolSculpting® while reducing discomfort and swelling post-treatment. ZWave ensures a consistent massage that can result in up to 60% more fat reduction than a manual massage.


Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat

Do you have stubborn and unwanted body fat? Have you tried diet and exercise without any luck? CoolSculpting in Leander, Texas, is your solution for noninvasive, long-lasting fat reduction results.

No Downtime Required

This noninvasive procedure, which does not require surgery, permits patients to return to daily routine activities the same day of the procedure, even hot yoga. Once the cells are eliminated by the body, they do not return.